Sunday, November 11, 2012

What To Bead When There's No Time To Bead

I think many of us have non-beading day jobs that often limit our beading time. (darn!) Seems like my past couple months have been filled with non-beading events and with this nice long Veterans Day week-end, I carved out a couple hours of beady time. Did I work on the many UFO's sitting in my bead room? Of course not! I just had to try the Fun with Fringe Earrings posted by Chloe on the Beading Daily site. Lured by the words easy and quick, this seemed like the perfect solution to limited bead time. Probably because I am not super-adept at wire, this project took me a bit longer than I anticipated but it sure was fun. I used all existing materials including some shiny silver thread that made these perfect for a future dress-up event. The part that gave me fits was the coil wrapping at the fringe top but after several tries to find the right gauge (I used 24), I got a uniform coil.

Next up was a multi-strand necklace, inspired by a cool necklace I just had to buy during a visit to Steinmart's. If you have a Steinmart's in your area and haven't checked it out -- you definitely should. They have great bargains, trendy styles and I just love the jewelry. No, it's not hand-made but it always gives me ideas for something I can try at home. Below is the necklace I purchased for just $13.00. It has 21 strands and a really cool mix of crystal beads, seed beads and a bit of chain for funk factor.

Steinmart Multi-Strand Necklace
I was a bit daunted at the time required to string 21 strands so I settled for half that number and rummaged through my stash to find some interesting sizes and shapes. Below is my creation, finished in just a few hours and not bad for my first-ever multi-strand! I didn't have the chunky crystals but I used a variety of seeds: 11/0 and 8/0, bugle beads and hex beads. It was so much fun, I think I might have to make one in holiday colors.


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