Saturday, August 25, 2012

Button Obsession

Last week, I wrote about using button covers to make custom buttons for a wrap bracelet. I used flat button covers and added my team logo under a page pebble. I decided to make these for all my fellow Steeler fans for this football season and made my way to Joanne Fabrics for more flat button covers. Here's the button I was trying to reproduce.

ALL GONE! Yikes! So I searched online and found some on eBay for three times the price. The skinflint part of me decided to go to plan B. I bought some black shank buttons with a flat top and below you see the results. Just as good as the button cover version and less costly!

Then, I had a flat button I wanted to use but needed a shank button. So I searched online and found an article about how to convert flat buttons to shank buttons. The article advised the use of a size 6/0 seed bead but the ones I had on hand had holes that were too skinny for the cord size that had to pass through. So I decided to use a closed jump rink and voila! My flat button is now a custom shank button for a fraction of the price.

While in mid-obsession-frenzy, I also found a cool tool called the iTop which I did purchase. Apparently the iTop took the world by storm at the CHA conference this year. It hasn't arrived yet but when it does, I will give you a review. Meantime, I hope these suggestions help any of you who are looking to create custom shank buttons.


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