Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where are you in your 10,000 hours?

Anyone who has read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers will know what this means. And if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, it’s a fascinating theory, especially when applied to skills where we hope to gain mastery….. like beading. My brother, Paul, invited me to guest blog and this was one of the first things that popped into my mind. In a nutshell, Gladwell offers examples illustrating that mastery at anything requires at least 10,000 hours of practice. And, if you’d like this translated a bit, this comes out to 20 hours per week for at least 10 years. So if you are doing something for your full-time job, I guess you have it licked in five years. But if you are building a skill as an avocation, then it all depends on where you can find the spare time! I find this daunting when applied to my beading, which I try to do most week-ends but sometimes life gets in the way! Anyhoo – that  will be the subject of my guest post and I will let you know when it hits the web-waves.

But back to my brother, Paul, and his wife, Cathy. This summer they started a new blog to focus on something that has been a passion for years – their painting art. But their posts touch on life in general, filled with the same good humor and witticisms that you hear when you are sitting with them in person and lots of amazing pictures. Since we are on almost opposite sides of the country, we see each other rarely so their blog is the next best thing to them, along  with the Facebook posts from their kids. What would we do without technology?

Back to the point. Their blog is One Creative Couple and I encourage you to check it out. Paul and Cathy are both skilled and beloved teachers in their Community but, by night, week-end and all summer, they turn into painting fiends, traveling about, giving and taking classes and finding just the right found objects to turn into their next treasure.

Some of us would be proud of one successful career but they have two, well four! To Paul and Cathy: best of luck with your blog and with your next artistic challenge!


Therese's Treasures said...

Wow thanks for sharing Paula, they do beautiful work.

Cathy and Paul @One Creative Couple said...

Hi Paula,

Thank you for the shout out. Our blog has been so much fun to put together. Can't wait for your guest post. I just love the idea of 10000 hours to master a process. So true.


Cathy and Paul @One Creative Couple said...

I second what Paul said. Thanks for the great mention. Also I've been enjoying reading your blog. Your work is really beautiful. Let us know when you're ready to guest post on our blog. We can't wait for One Creative Sister to join us!!


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