Sunday, June 3, 2012

Odds 'N Ends

Next week is the final push on the Time to Stitch Challenge so this week-end I cleaned up some odds and ends. Here's phase II of my Craftfantastic experiment called Frieda Series. I have already claimed the top center as my own!

Then, I finished a pair of Heather Collin designs: Ole Earrings.

And here is the piece that makes me think of a romance novel. Earlier this year, I bought a huge lot of polymer cabs on eBay. I plan to write a separate post just about that score but below is just one photo with a sampling from this amazing lot.

Being a nut about embroidered cabs, I took a stab at the one you see below. I'm really on the fence over it. It's a bit much but I keep thinking maybe the right necklace strap might show it to a better advantage.

What do you think? Should I scrap it and start over? I think I should have probably used darker matte beads than the lilac-opalescent ones.


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