Sunday, June 17, 2012

Expressions of Sympathy

Beading can help us express emotions that might be difficult to put into words. This past week, a friend and colleague's mother passed away and I made her this Our Lady rosary to hopefully give her a bit of comfort.

I have made rosaries using different techniques -- with eye pins and chain and with beading wire. For this one I used 10 lb. Fireline to achieve a better drape. I am better with a needle than I am with wire and crimps so this was a bit easier to build. The rosary components are from Brightlings Beads and I had the jasper gemstones on hand.

Since moving to the Southwest, I have come to cherish the many different artistic treatments of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In fact, without even knowing the story, I purchased this piece of artwork after moving into our new home. Something drew me to the colors and the mystical images. Shortly after, our cousin came to visit and informed me I had just purchased a painting symbolizing our Lady of Guadalupe.

I think she has watched over me since then.


Katherine at Terra Beadworks said...

Being from Canada where we get long drab winters I have grown to love color. I love that painting too - coral, turquoise, teal, green are my favorites. Your rosary bead work is wonderful and I hope to some day be better. It is a good way to express our emotions and reduce stress.

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