Sunday, June 17, 2012

Expressions of Sympathy

Beading can help us express emotions that might be difficult to put into words. This past week, a friend and colleague's mother passed away and I made her this Our Lady rosary to hopefully give her a bit of comfort.

I have made rosaries using different techniques -- with eye pins and chain and with beading wire. For this one I used 10 lb. Fireline to achieve a better drape. I am better with a needle than I am with wire and crimps so this was a bit easier to build. The rosary components are from Brightlings Beads and I had the jasper gemstones on hand.

Since moving to the Southwest, I have come to cherish the many different artistic treatments of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In fact, without even knowing the story, I purchased this piece of artwork after moving into our new home. Something drew me to the colors and the mystical images. Shortly after, our cousin came to visit and informed me I had just purchased a painting symbolizing our Lady of Guadalupe.

I think she has watched over me since then.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Time To Stitch Challenge

Thanks to Therese and Christine for bringing us together for A Time to Stitch Challenge. When I first read about the objective to use herringbone and/or peyote stitch, an idea immediately popped into my head of a pattern I made last year using herringbone. The herringbone itself is so simple -- just plain old flat herringbone. But the pretty comes from building it onto a covered bracelet blank and adding a focal. Without further ado, here is my submittal and I've provided a few shots of the construction as well for anyone who would like more details.

Dichro Deco Cuff
How it came together:
Dichro Deco Instructions

And now be sure to visit the other terrific participants in A Time to Stitch Challenge!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Keeping Track of Your Creations

Of all the fun things out there for beading artists and other types of artists, I have yet to come across a great place to log creations, with notes that allow you to print a hardcopy or even create a book. Oh sure, there are tools that allow you to do those individual things but not the way I wanted -- in a journaling style. So I came up with my own format using Powerpoint. For each year, I build a Powerpoint document with a Table of Contents logging the item, date created and page in the Powerpoint for further information. It's pretty basic. I haven't filled the page in yet on my 2012 book since I might want to add some pages in between others during the year. I will do that at the end of the year:

Then, I just add one page per each creation. Powerpoint makes it easy to insert or delete pages. I also use it to track unique purchases like this score of polymer cabochons from eBay.

This is a page where I've recorded a project. You could use more than one page if you wanted and even get pretty elaborate with tracking your materials costs.

That way, even when you give away all your pretties as gifts, you still have a record of them. The other nice thing is that Powerpoint allows you to export to PDF so you can print the whole book and keep it in a binder. Or you can capture each page as a JPEG and upload it to a site like Shutterfly if you want something a bit fancier.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Odds 'N Ends

Next week is the final push on the Time to Stitch Challenge so this week-end I cleaned up some odds and ends. Here's phase II of my Craftfantastic experiment called Frieda Series. I have already claimed the top center as my own!

Then, I finished a pair of Heather Collin designs: Ole Earrings.

And here is the piece that makes me think of a romance novel. Earlier this year, I bought a huge lot of polymer cabs on eBay. I plan to write a separate post just about that score but below is just one photo with a sampling from this amazing lot.

Being a nut about embroidered cabs, I took a stab at the one you see below. I'm really on the fence over it. It's a bit much but I keep thinking maybe the right necklace strap might show it to a better advantage.

What do you think? Should I scrap it and start over? I think I should have probably used darker matte beads than the lilac-opalescent ones.

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