Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Time To Stitch Challenge

Drum roll.......

Announcing the very first stitching challenge hosted by Therese of Therese's Treasures and Christine of One Kiss Creations. I just added Christine's blog to my reader list but Therese has been one of the very first kind souls to discover my blog when I participated in my first-ever beading challenge last year. Since then, she has been such a dear supporter, always offering kind words of encouragement in her responses to my sporadic posts. So when I saw the post about their inaugural challenge, I had to throw my beads in the ring!

Signs-ups are being accepted though tomorrow so just click here if you would like to learn more. The focus of the challenge is to use peyote stitch, herringbone stitich or both and when I read that, I had an instant idea - so stay tuned for the big reveal on June 12!

A couple posts ago, I mentioned a book that arrived as a surprise gift from my lovely sis-in-law, Pam. The author's name is not showing on the picture below but the artist is Marie Geraud and below is a picture of her book along with just a few versions of the earring pattern that has become my new obsession. I had previously featured the Boheme Bronze shown on the lower level and since then, have made the pattern in more copper variations as well as the blue-ish colors on the first level.

But my very favorite version is one using our esteemed black-and-gold of the Steelers variety in this pattern, which was part of the graduation gift for my niece who is completing her undergrad work at Duke and moving to Pittsburgh. What better way to celebrate her new city than earrings for our favorite football team?


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Paula,
Thank you for your kind words. I am so excite to have you playing along in mine and Christine's first challenge. I am so looking forward to seeing what you create.
Those are some very pretty earring and I am sure your neice is going to love the ones you made for her.

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