Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebrating NFL Draft!

Yes, I know that football season is five months away.... well four if you count camp. But the NFL draft this past week inspired my creative energies, along with the birthday of my good friend, Sandy. She is part of a group of 12 exiled Pittsburgh friends who meet at the best watering hole in the world, Harold's Corral in Cave Creek, AZ. Owner Danny Piacquadio is another exiled Pittsburgh native who has established the pre-eminent home away from home for all Steeler fans. We gather every week to cheer on the team in good times and bad and now we have something new to cheer about with the draft of David DeCastro, most recently of Stanford football fame. We are ready to welcome David to the Steelers and Sandy will be wearing her new team art when we gather this fall!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

So Long to March Madness

I am not referring to the basketball-variety of March madness but the work variety. I had more deadlines during the month of March than some three-month stretches. My blogging had to take a back seat as did some of my beading. I did fit in a few small projects like this ring.
This was a Bead& Button pattern by Cindy Pankopf from the February 2009 issue.

My dear sis-in-law, Pam, sent me a book, Beadweaving with Cabochons by Marie Geraud.  I just loved these earrings which I named Boheme Bronze. The book also uses fancy stones in prong settings which are new to me. I can't wait to try those!

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