Sunday, February 26, 2012

Preparing for the Oscars

My humble creations are not in the same ballpark with the fabulous jewels we will see tonight on the Oscars but they do share a bit of the same glitter. I finished Melanie Potter's Go for Baroque pattern and just love it. The earrings are so pretty, I made a couple more sets in blue and gold to give as gifts. In addition to learning how to make a dimensional chevron chain, the pattern taught  me how to make the bead caps and a tabbed closure which give it such a professional look. I know I will use those techniques again.
Melanie Potter's Go for Baroque Pattern
But the best part was finishing one of my UFO items just in time for my sister's birthday. I have been helping her build a web site for her new personal assistant business, Usquared Services. She came up with the name, which I think is adorable, and participated in her first vendor exhibit at a wedding event.

Because some days, it takes 2 to get through your to-do!

She really liked the dark purple and black color combination and, when I saw the colors on the cab below, I knew it just had to be a gift for her. The cab was a find on eBay, which I bead embroidered, and then added the strap of spiral rope using 15/0 seeds accented by 8/0's along with medium black stones to give it some visual interest.
Greta's Birthday Gift

Hope you have fun watching the Oscars tonight. I just loved The Descendants but the odds seem to be in favor of The Artist. I'm just glad Billy Crystal is back in the hosting seat!


BackstoryBeads said...

Lucky sister! Both necklaces are treats for the eye! I, too, am looking forward to Billy's return to the Oscars. (Very clever logo!)

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

Thanks! I didn't design the logo but am glad you like it. I will pass that along to my sis. She has the nervous new business blues and will enjoy hearing your positive feedback!

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