Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good Friends and Back To Bead Projects

We rolled right from the holidays to the arrival of good friends from Canada, here to escape the cold and play a bit of golf. Dave is an excellent photographer and took the below photo of our dramatic skies.

I also had the chance to attack some of the beading projects that sat idly by while I worked on holiday ornaments. Here are two of the projects I just finished. Other than my engagement and wedding rings, I am not by nature a ring wearer. But I might have to give this one a try, it was such fun to make and was finished in just a couple hours.
Pattern by Aasia Hamid, BNB  December 2011
Pattern by Lauren Miller, BNB December 2011
This pattern is called Fireflower and was the perfect solution to a lone rivoli left over from some other project. With holidays still on the brain, I thought these would be pretty in poinsettia-type colors for next year.

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