Saturday, June 18, 2011

Colorful Cabochons

By now you might know my love for cabochons. These past couple weeks, I completed two, one using a technique documented in the Beading Daily blog, which captures the cab in a weave of peyote and herringbone. Below is the result, which I call Tangerine Time. This took a couple tries since I used too many beads in the first setting and it hung too loosely on the cab. So, when the directions advise to pick up an uneven number of beads that is almost the length of one side – pay attention. I don’t have a purpose for this cab but I will hang onto it until inspiration hits.
Tangerine Time Cab

My next cab project had a very definite purpose – as a birthday gift for my terrific admin. I thought this pin with a double ruffle would be a great accent to a black business suit (doesn’t every banker have one of those?). I bought the cab on eBay, which I return to again and again for good bargains on unusual supplies.

Elegant Ruffled Cab


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