Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Easter Entry in May!

Where oh where did April go? I had a great story to share and was saving it for my Easter entry but Easter came and went so I'm sharing it with you now. Because it's so darn cute. We are having some fairly serious work done on our home and Ed has been busy managing workers coming and going to complete their tasks. The Thursday before Easter, one of the workers brought a big shop vac into the house to discuss the next step in the operation. The shop vac had a fairly wide hose that had been curled up outside for most of the day. When the worker unrolled the hose, out popped a baby bunny that had fallen asleep inside. I'm not sure who was more startled -- the men or the bunny! Baby Bunny found the first small opening where he could hide -- a crevice that led to an inaccessible spot under our kitchen cabinets. DH spent most of the day trying to conjure up safe ways to trap Baby Bunny before he was located by our killer kitties. The day ended without the capture of Baby Bunny and we finally gave up and retired for the evening. Several hours later, just about asleep, I heard a commotion in our dining room and ran out to investigate. Harold, of the killer kittie variety, was chasing Baby Bunny around the dining room table. I quickly snatched up the cat and screeched for Ed to come and capture Baby Bunny who had run into the hallway and was trapped in the corner. The poor little guy. Ed said his heart was beating so fast, he could feel it as he was urging him into a pail. We released Baby Bunny into the wild, fingers crossed that he could find his Mama Bunny, to complete their Easter errands. I must say the visit from Baby Bunny made this one of the best Easter holidays I have had in a very long while. And, just to commemorate the event, I purchased a Sandra Halpenny necklace pattern and used the bunny component to make a necklace for my sweet niece, Kara, to wear to church for Easter service. It's not nearly as cute as Baby Bunny but Kara sure liked it!

Kara's Bunny Necklace


rockcreekcreations said...

Cute story!! I can only imagine the calling and yelling scared the bunny even more!

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