Sunday, March 20, 2011

Double Duty Components

Before I get into today's topic, I have to share that Spring brings of mixture of elation and dread. Elation for obvious reasons: the dreary days of winter are over - not that we have many of those in Phoenix! But dread arrives with 80 degree temperatures and snakes moving out of their winter habitats to find food and mates. Snake sightings are such a common rite of Spring, I have become more accustomed to them than when we first moved West. No matter how accustomed, I admit to shivering at the story of our next-door neighbors who called the Herpetological Society last Sunday to remove three four-foot rattlers from their property! Yikes and double yikes! Hopefully that included some from our property who slithered on over to their place for a visit!

Now, let's talk about double duty components. When you finish a piece, pay attention for opportunities to expand on a pattern or use a portion of it for another purpose. In the necklace pattern below, a kit by Michelle Skobel, I used the theme of the flourettes that make up the necklace centerpiece for earrings. In this case, I made earrings in blue but you could easily make them to match the necklace and have a great set! I glued the flourettes to pierced earring posts but you could also make a connector and hook them on wire findings.

That's the way to get double duty out of your pattern purchases! Wouldn't these also make adorable snowflake earrings for the holiday season?


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