Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Delights

As part of my resolution to work on my kit inventory, I finished a Nancy Peterson design for a Valentine's heart theme necklace and heart slider. Then, I took a small splurge for cutting back so severely on my budget and purchased a Sandra Halpenny pattern for a beaded heart.

Sandra Halpenny Heart Pattern
I am a fan of kits. For the most part, they are a reasonably-priced way to gain exposure to different stitches, approaches and materials. When I was starting out, I made many purchases on the Ready to Bead web site, which is now defunct in a cloud of mystery -- no notice to customers or on the Yahoo group. The web site was still up last I checked but none of the page commands were working. It's a shame because the kits were good quality and the patterns were generally successful.

Heart Slider

Occasionally, you may find a hiccup in the pattern instructions. I had such an experience in making the heart slider for the Nancy Peterson necklace. I worked for about one hour ripping and reading the instructions, ripping and reading and finally giving up to tell my husband my tale of woe. So I decided to send a note to Nancy and guess what! She wrote right back to inform me of an omission in the instructions. Well, yeahhhhh. The omission was one step which made all the difference in the world.

So the moral of this story is never be timid to write to your pattern designer to ask for clarity or assistance. They depend on good word of mouth and I have never found anyone unwilling to help.

Nancy Peterson Heart Slider and Spiral Strap


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