Saturday, January 15, 2011

Paula's Cellini

I'm finally back to show you my variation of Michelle Skobal's Cellini. My modified version is longer and adjusts the cabochon attachment as well as the closure attachment. I found Michelle's cabochon attachment a bit formal so I replaced the gold crystals from the kit with gold metallic size 8 seeds along with the black crystals from the kit. The gold of the metallic size 8's really complements the gold of the delicas in the Cellini.

Paula's Variation

Below you see Michelle's design so you can see the adjustments to the cab attachment.
Michelle Skobal's Design

Then came adjustments to the clasp. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Michelle's pattern did not provide directions for attaching, so I found some online (see previous post for reference) and added three large black crystals on either side, along with the metallic gold size 8's and a metallic clasp. This particular clasp was so strong, it pulled out the crimp bead on one side, breaking my wire.

Metallic Clasp Closure

Arghhhhh! Without pulling every hair from my head, I was able to rebuild the broken side with Fireline, 10 pound for added strength, and it seems to be holding well.

The moral of the story is, even when using a kit, don't be afraid to adjust to make it your own!


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