Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Mark Gifts - Even For Your Friends With Reading Gadgets!

Even if your book-loving friends have acquired Kindles, iPads, Nooks or any other electronic reader, chances are they still possess and even buy the old-fashioned variety because, after all, they are book lovers! Book marks make the perfect gift for these friends and can be cleverly customized in themes reflecting hobbies, activities and passions. Here are the materials needed:

Shepherd's hook book mark form
Beads and/or charms in your chosen theme
Size 11 seed beads - two colors of your choice
Wire guard in either gold or silver to match your book mark form
Fireline 6 pound test
Size 12 beading needle

Below you see the book mark form, wire guard and some fun sports beads.
Bookmark form, wire guard, assorted beads

Make a spiral rope long enough to dangle from the book mark form and support the charms or beads. Be sure to leave a nice long tail as this will serve as the thread to attach your charms or other theme beads.

See some of the photos below for the spiral. Post back if you would like instructions for the stitch - it's quite easy and works up quickly.

When you have made the spiral to the desired length, thread beads and one half of the wire guard. Attach the wire guard to the circle or jump ring at the top of the book mark form and go back through the second half of the wire guard. Proceed down through the beads and connect securely to your spiral. Go back up through the beads, wire guard and back down at least one other time and twice if possible to secure. Thread through your spiral, securing with a couple half hitches and trim the Fireline.

Here's one I made earlier this month for my good friend, Karen, as a birthday gift.
"I Love My Dog" Book Mark

At the bottom of the spiral, attach charms or accent beads using a fringe method. Below you will see several theme book marks I have created for friends who are cat lovers, dog lovers, Steeler fans and wine lovers! 


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