Sunday, December 26, 2010

Project #1: Cellini Spiral

Cellini Spiral is a gorgeous stitch and is deceptively simple for such an elegant outcome. I started with one of the last kits purchased from Sherry Wayt's now defunct Ready to Bead site. The designer is Michelle Skobal and you can see the initial design below.

Michelle Skobal's Evolution Necklace
Now, no offense to Michelle, but the kit assumed a knowledge of the stitch, which I had never done, and it also didn't provide instructions for finishing it. So off to the web I went and found a great tutorial on the Need for Beads. Next up was an article on Bead & Button about how to finish a tube necklace. Thus armed with knowledge, I started the pattern. First I made the cabochon and then proceeded to the Cellini spiral when distractions got the better of me. The kit was put away while other beading fancies occupied my needles! Now months later, I look at the original pattern and it looks a bit formal to me. So back to the stash I went and lo and behold found a dichroic glass pendant purchased from who knows where. That might be just the ticket to make the Cellini a bit more current and wearable with office duds. So stay tuned and I'll show you the finished product hopefully within the next week or two!


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