Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Frenzy Makes For a Poor Blogger!

This blogging thing is a challenge! It appears easy - just sit down and write what has been consuming your time and thoughts. But it should also be at least somewhat interesting and therein lies the challenge. We have been busy with the same holiday activities that occupy just about everyone this time of year: shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts and making time for the all-important hand-made items. And, in keeping with the spirit of Cave Creek Beads, I should at least stay on the topics of beading or Cave Creek! So here is my current hand-craft for good friend, Holly, who is a (yikes!) fan of the New York Giants. I have made variations of this same design for Pitt and Steelers, much more deserving teams! (Just kidding for anyone tempted to write me a nasty retort!)
Holly's NY Giants Choker


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