Sunday, December 26, 2010

44 Projects in 52 Weeks

It's the day after Christmas, gifts were wrapped and unwrapped, meals were cooked, eaten and put away with much more time spent in the cooking and putting away than the eating! Also put away were this year's Christmas ornament patterns making way for a clean slate left to my beading fancy.
Sandra Halpenny Snowflakes

My 2011 resolution is to end purchases of new beads while making a dent in my substantial existing stash. Of course, accommodations will be made for findings and other items needed to complete a pattern. After all, thanks to my wonderful brother John and his wife Paula, I have a gift certificate to Fire Mountain Gems that is burning a hole in my pocket! When compared to others, my bead stash is probably not as big as some but I sure have had fun spending money on it this year. So much so that I have a major attack of the guilts even considering adding to it. In the attempt to avoid being subject to an episode of "Hoarders," I did a count of projects and materials and found that I have kits and supplies for 44 projects, not counting the many cabochons purchased in a lovely lot on eBay. So I easily have one project per week for the coming year and it's doubtful that I will be able to complete such an endeavor unless I quit my job and every one of my other life obligations. But I will do my best to put a dent in this list and will feature each project as a blog entry.


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