Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bead Hoarding... Er... Purchases

Part of the fun of beading is acquiring supplies. The choices are seamingless endless. The beads themselves come in countless sizes, shapes and finishes. Of course, you need something to hold them together and again, there are many options: thread (available in numerous fibers, sizes and colors), wire, cord or ribbon. Then you need findings (what a great name) as a means of attachment. Add in glues, precious metals, polymer clay and cabochons. Then, there are the all-important books, magazines, patterns or other form of instruction. Oops - don't forget tools. So now we have spent a small fortune and we are on a first-name basis with the UPS man!

I made my last bead supply foray of the year when I attended Babe 2010 this past week-end. It was serendipity that a work trip to San Francisco coincided with Bay Area Bead Extravaganza or Babe, which motivated a 4:00 a.m. wake up call to catch an early flight. Once in San Francisco, the Oakland Convention center was an easy BART trip, without parking stress! Inside the convention hall, I made a swing through the whole floor to identify the booths for my must-visit list. Next came a more serious pass, this time with stops at the designated booths.  First came Whimbeads which was one of only a few offering Japanese seed beads and it was consistently busy. I had my shopping list of supplies for my Christmas project list and was able to check just about everything off the list.

Next came a stop of The School of Beadwork where none other than Melanie Potter was at the booth.  I purchased the Go for Baroque kit in gold and red coral shown below.  Melanie is as pleasant in person as she is in her videos and I thanked her for the instructional videos provided in their regular email, especially the segment about how to add thread.
Go for Baroque by Melanie Potter
Congratulations to Melanie, who was designated Designer of the Year by Beadwork Magazine

Check out my next post for further details about my purchases, including the name of the booth that was mobbed!


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