Sunday, March 26, 2017

Swoon: metallic suede gold

It all started with this YouTube by Stephanie of BronzePony Beaded Jewelry. It calls for about 30 grams of mini duos which I did not have so off I went to order them. I order most of my beads online and I'm sure others can relate to the disappointment of something that looks very different in person than it does online. It's not because sellers intentionally steer you wrong, it's just the alchemy of small photos and computer pixels sometimes trip us up.

Summer Daze Necklace

I was so happy when the metallic suede gold beads I ordered were even better in person than they looked online. And even more so when I realized that the drops and 11/0's from my stash complemented them perfectly.

So off I went to start the project and I am so enamored with this color, I had to restrain myself from placing more orders.

Here's the finished necklace with earrings to match.

And, obsessive that I am, I started the matching bracelet that Stephanie posted last year. These designs are absolutely addictive, especially the bracelet which has a puzzle-like satisfaction when you connect the round daisy shapes.

And yes, I had to place another order to finish up the bracelet. Yay for metallic suede gold!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

My beady St. Patty's Day

I was not among the revelers drinking green beer or other similarly-colored libations yesterday. Instead, I took a break from one beading project to try another one. I really need to stay away from YouTube for awhile because it sure doesn't help my beader's ADD when I see project after project I want to try. I came across this tutorial by Spoiled Rotten Beads for a yoga necklace. Now I haven't done yoga for years but I loved the look of the necklace - especially the cute little tassel.

Spoiled Rotten Beads Yoga Necklace Tutorial

And they even have another tutorial that tells you how to make the tassels. Since green was the color of the day, I grabbed some green cord and made these tassels.

Then I remembered that one of my shipments from Bargain Bead Box had some perfect little St. Patrick's Day charms.


The design uses knotting between the beads so it gave me a chance to use my knotting tool. And here is the finished necklace. The tutorial suggests that you make the beaded portion about 30 inches and, as I was making it, that seemed a little longer than I wanted, so I made mine about 23 inches. I should have followed the instructions because a little more length would have been ok but it looks just dandy and it gave me a chance to use some beads and charms that were languishing in my stash.

St. Patty's Day Yoga Style Necklace

Friday, March 10, 2017

Self-improvement by Rob Reiner

Friday, February 24, 2017

Simpatico with Pantone's Greenery

I had a moment of delight opening my Beading Daily email this morning to read about the Pantone Greenery color palette for 2017. I usually gravitate to a certain bead palette and am not typically governed by each season's changes. However, for once I am completely simpatico with Pantone's Greenery palette. In fact, it feels like most things I have made this year so far have been somewhere in this spectrum.

Beading Daily Features Pantone's Greenery

Actually, the green in the below ring is more olivine than those in the Greenery palette but I included it anyway since I really love the design by Stephanie at BronzePony Beaded Jewelry.

Here's another of her designs, which I whipped up in no time: the Interlace Band ring. This one is great on a middle finger but I had a terrible time trying to photograph my own hand! Clearly, I will never be a hand model but this gives you an idea. And, thanks to Photoshop, I removed the age spots on my hands. Wish it were that easy in real life!

Interlace Band Ring, Design by Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry
But here's the green that really reminded me of the Pantone palette. This design is by Lisa Kan from the December 2016/January 2017 Beadwork Magazine. Lisa's designs are beautiful but usually a little fussy for me. A beading buddy was working on it and requested my thoughts about the pendant bezel which is made from cubic right angle weave - a bit tricky. In fact this entire pendant is not for the feint of heart. The design wasn't graded for difficulty but I would say it is definitely an intermediate-level one. 

Lisa Kan's Radiance Necklace Design

Do you have any Greenery designs on your bead board this month?
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